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Hay Exportation and Hay Products in El Centro, California

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Alfalfa Hay

Global Hay Solutions Inc carries many types of hay, but the majority of our shipments include alfalfa hay. This type of hay has a high protein content and is typically used to feed various animals.

Timothy Hay, Bermuda Hay, and Other Related Products

We also offer timothy hay, Bermuda hay, and other related products to meet your demands. Timothy hay is high in fiber and generally used to feed racehorses.

Logistics Services

Additionally, our company performs a multitude of logistics services to make your life easier. From buying products from growers to supplying high-grade hays for dairies year-round, we are fully dedicated to meeting your needs.

Hay Exportation in El Centro, CA
Alfalfa Bales, Hay Exportation in El Centro, CA
Large Double pressed Alfalfa Bales Closeup of Alfalfa Leaf/Stem

About Us
Global Hay Solutions Inc, based in El Centro, California, is a hay exportation company that provides convenient and cost-effective worldwide shipping for a wide variety of hay products. With 23 years of global shipping experience, we are problem-solvers that know what we are doing and have the expertise to move up to 400,000 metric tons per year.

Unlike many fly-by-night companies, we are in it for the long haul, committed to quality, and always willing to stand behind our products. You can always count on us to keep our word and finish the job quickly, as well as efficiently.

Contact us today in El Centro, California, to request more information about our hay exportation company or be added to the list for our weekly newsletter, which discusses our hay products.

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